Orphan Care in Uganda

This past week, I returned from Africa where I was able to see some incredible things that God is doing through His church on behalf of the fatherless. One of the best examples was in the area of Busega, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda where King Jesus Church is ministering to deaf children through a school. 


These children have been cast out in many cases by their families believing that they are cursed, but Pastor Raphael and King Jesus church are teaching them sign language, computer skills, and most importantly, the gospel. 

To learn more about King Jesus Church and the Busega School for the Deaf in Uganda and how you can help, go to www.unadopted.org  



Rick Morton

Father to three transnationally adopted children, Rick Morton’s dedication to orphans extends beyond his family. Coauthor of Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care, Rick and his wife are cofounders of international orphan-hosting ministry Promise 139, based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. An inspiring speaker, Rick shares God’s heart for the fatherless at many conferences for pastors as well as orphan-care conferences. He and his family live in the Greater Memphis area.