10 Things That Will Kill Your Church's Orphan Ministry: #5 No Accountability

There is no way that an individual local church can really be engaged in local and global orphan care at a high level without help. Healthy, trusted partners are essential. These partners can come in the form of parachurch ministries that facilitate local churches being able to meet orphans’ needs well or in the form of other local churches that are closer in proximity to where fatherless children are.

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10 Things That Will Kill Your Church's Orphan Ministry: #4 Not Celebrating Wins

In many churches whose orphan ministry fails or struggles one of the reasons is that the ministry is one of the best kept secrets in the church. No one really knows that the church is actually doing orphan ministry or the good things that the church is doing in Jesus name for orphans, and they won’t know unless we make an intentional effort to tell them.

We need to celebrate the good things that happen in orphan care through the church with the church.

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10 Things That Will Kill Your Orphan Ministry: #2 Too Much, Too Fast

The scope of the global orphan ministry crisis creates a healthy sense of urgency in us all. Recognizing the enormity of the challenges posed by the needs of of orphaned and vulnerable children particularly the scores of children that will “age-out” of institutions this year, we can easily fall into the trap of rushing headlong into ministry without enough care or consideration. 

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10 Things That Will Kill Your Church's Orphan Ministry: #1 Disconnect From The Gospel

The Gospel is the Answer for the Orphan Crisis
God entered human history to destroy the power of death, hell, and sin, and to restore what has been broken by the curse of sin. We can’t ever lose sight of the fact that children are orphaned because we live under the effects of the curse of sin. This world is broken, and sin and death still reign, but the reign of sin is temporary.

There is a King who has come and has done the good work that brings hope, and, that King is coming again. One day, He will return and establish His Kingdom and complete the work He has begun. He will restore what has been broken. Sickness, death, and indifference will be gone. Our work will be over. There will be no more orphans!

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